Sandstorm sand filter

The SandStorm Series offers a visually striking and functionally superior snowflake lateral design. This unique pattern enhances water distribution, ensuring every grain of sand plays a crucial role in delivering unparalleled filtration.

Benefit from superior filtration capabilities that not only capture impurities effectively, but also extend the operational cycle of the filter. The SandStorm Series is designed to provide optimum performance, reducing the frequency of maintenance and backwashing.

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Hose and Hardware

Dial Valve for Model 1.5 in (-7C)
Item N0 : 39263105

Or / Ou

Dial Valve for Model 2 in (-7C)
Item N0 : 39251217


7 Way Dial Valve

With inspection sight glass, automatic air relief and pressure gauge.

Non-Corrosive Resin Clamp

Non-Corrosive Resin Clamp

Snowfl ake Lateral Design

Snowfl ake lateral patern off ers a better water distribution in large sand fi lters.

Upper Distribution System Integraded in the Dial Valve

Engineered to direct water evenly across the entire surface of the sand
without sand migration or channeling.

7 Way Dial Valve

With inspection sight glass, automatic air relief and pressure gauge.


Underdrain With Side-Slotted Laterals

Draws water evenly across the full diameter of the sand bed for higher flow, better fi ltration, longer cycles and more effi cient backwashing. Features heavy-duty freeze resistant hub and easy-service snap-fi t laterals.

2 in (51 mm) FNPT Connections For An Optimized Flow



Maximum commercial fl ow rate : 20 GPM/sq.ft. (49 m3/h/m2) | Maximum residential fl ow rate : 25 GPM/sq.ft. (61 m3/h/m2). Chart shows fl ow rate of 25 GPM/sq.ft (61 m3/h/m2). Recommended sand #20 silicia sand (0,40 mm to 0,55 mm eff ective size).