Magnum Force 3

Magnum Force 3 – synonymous with the exceptional performance of the Magnum Force series, but with a distinctive advantage. Offering a 3-inch port, it provides an enhanced flow, making it ideal for substantial pool projects.

This powerhouse pump ensures the same high-caliber performance you expect, coupled with the capacity to handle larger pool requirements. Elevate your big pool project with the Magnum Force 3 – where power meets precision for unparalleled pool circulation.

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Cover Handles (Black)
Item N° : 16100100R2


Exclusive Ring-Lok Opening System

Allows a tool-free access to strainer and pump internals.

Exclusive One Way Flap

Prevents debris in the pump strainer, skimmer basket and fi lter from fl owing back into pool. The fl ap also prevents residual hot water in the heater from fl owing into fi lter and causing damage to grids, valves, gaskets, etc.

Exclusive Air Purge System

An exclusive air purge system within the strainer expels air outside the pump for superior priming capabilities.

Excllusive Run Dry

Patented air-cooled heat sink allows pump to run dry without damage to shaft seal.

208 in3 (3411 cm3) Heavy-Duty Strainer Basket

The internal ribs in the large strainer basket assure fl ow, even when fi lled with leaves and debris.

3 in (75 mm) FNPT Connections

Flows up to 220 GPM (50 m3 / h).

One-Piece Case

Eliminates leaks and ensures quiet operation.