Laser sand filter

The Laser Sand Filter Series outshines the competition with its expansive filtration surface area. Designed to maximize efficiency, the larger surface allows for optimal water flow and filtration, ensuring a crystal clear and inviting pool.

Experience innovation with the exclusive Snap Fit Lateral Design. This revolutionary feature simplifies installation and maintenance, allowing for easy lateral replacement without the need for tools.

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Hose and Hardware

Dial Valve for Model 1.5 in (-7C)
Item N0 : 39263020K

Or / Ou

Dial Valve for Model 2 in (-7C)
Item N0 : 39000609R


7 Way Dial Valve

With inspection sight glass, automatic air relief and pressure gauge.

Non-Corrosive Resin Clamp

Non-Corrosive Resin Clamp

Exclusive Snap Fit Lateral Design

Snap fi t laterals allow a fast, easy and secure installation

Upper Distribution System Integraded in the Dial Valve

Engineered to direct water evenly across the entire surface of the sand
without sand migration or channeling.

Blow Molded Tank with Deep High Capacity Sand Bed

Carries more debris and extends fi lter cycles. The tank is corrosion-resistant and UV-resistant.

Inlet / Outlet Connections

Standard 11/2″ (38 mm) FNPT + external threads for Carvin unions.
2’’ connection for TM25-7 fi lter


Maximum commercial flow rate : 20 GPM / sq.ft. (49 m3 / h / m2) / Maximum residential flow rate : 25 GPM / sq.ft. (61 m3 / h / m2). Chart shows flow rate of 25 GPM/sq.ft (61 m3 / h / m2). Recommended sand #20 silicia sand (0,40 mm to 0,55 mm effective size).