Dominator Replacement

1Strainer RingLokTM42167809RNA
2Strainer Cover39075310RNA
3O-Ring (Replaces 47-0352-09-R) 47035241Rconsult
4Strainer Basket 16105215Rconsult
5Case/Strainer Body 16110601RNA
6Drain Plug With O-Ring (2/bag)31160906R2consult
6 Drain Plug With O-Ring (50/bag) 31160906R50NA
7AScrew ? -16 x 2½" LG14130108NA
7BNut ? -16" (4/bag) 14436109R4NA
9Screw #8 x 1¼" Long (5/bag) 14420608R5NA
10O-Ring 47025903RNA
11Eye Seal10146207Rconsult
12Impeller 5 DOM-S105376009Rconsult
12Impeller 7 DOM-S105034509RNA
12Impeller 1 DOM-S1/15 DOM-S1 05375902RNA
13Shaft Seal 10080208Rconsult
14Bracket 02254730RNA
15Flinger 22340405RNA
17Self-Adhesive Gasket 22901830RNA
18Splash Cover 85873310RNA
19End Plate 85872310RNA
20Toggle Switch 23199300RNA
21Rubber Boot And Nut 23388201RNA
22Screw #8 x ½" Long (3/bag) 14225601R3NA
23Wire 12" Long 23832850RNA
245 DOM-S1 / 7 DOM-S123832860RNA
245 DOM-S1 / 15 DOM-S123832870RNA
25Screw #8 x ¾" Long (4/bag) 14236509R4NA
26Pump Base 12261480RNA
27Dowel Pin 14038028RNA