Sharkwave Replacement

1Strainer Quarter/Turn Ringlok 42167970Rconsult
2Strainer Cover39078903Rconsult
3Strainer O-Ring47035241Rconsult
4Strainer Basket 16105215Rconsult
5Strainer Pump Body 16032030RNA
6Drain Plug With O-Ring (2/bag) 31160906RNA
7Strainer Body Main O-Ring 47036207RNA
8SharkWave Diffuser O-Ring 47021406Rconsult
9SharkWave Diffuser 06037642RNA
10Floating Eye Seal 10146207Rconsult
12Mechanical Seal Assembly 10080208Rconsult
13Motor Bracket 02653213RNA
14Robertson/Philips Pan Head Self Tap Screw ¼ - 14 x 1¼" (6/bag) 14263032RNA
15Flinger 22340305Rconsult
17Motor Gasket 22901830RNA
18Splash Cover Counter-Vibration O-Ring 47016707RNA
19Splash Cover 85876483RNA
20Splash Cover End Cape85873365RNA
21Philips Pan Head Stn-Stl Self Tap Screw No. 10 x ¾ (2/bag) 14236510R2NA
22Rocker Switch For 1 Speed Motor (2 Positions)23199450RNA
22ARocker Switch For 2 Speed Motor (3 Positions) 23199455RNA
23Power Cord With American Socket HEC Twist Lock Plug 3' (US SKU Only) 23485600Rconsult
23Power Cord With Regular 3 Prong Plug 6' (US SKU Only)23485709RNA
23Power Cord With Regular 3 Prong Plug 25' (Canadian SKU Only)23832870RNA
24Insulated Wire (Black) 23832853RNA
25Insulated Wire (Red, For 2 Speed Pump) 23832851RNA
26Stem Bumpers (6/bag23834021R6NA
27SharkWave Base12255347RNA
28Hex Cap Screw ? - 16 x 1¼" 14129313RNA
29Washer 14074025RNA