• Q: Is it possible to purchase directly from Carvin?
    A: Our products are sold only through a distribution network. Please refer to the section « Dealer » or « Distributor » to find your nearest authorized dealer.

    • Carvin products are not for sale or resale were prohibited by law or regulations. Consult your local distributor for details.
    The VIF Group Inc. (“VIF”), owner and manufacturer of the CARVIN® brand, gives a full written warranty on each new Product manufactured by or on behalf of VIF and distributed for sale in America. Consult your product’s user manual for complete details.

  • Q: Does Carvin sell SPA equipment?
    A: No, « Carvin » only manufactures and distribute pool equipment.

  • Q: How does a filtration system work?
    A: First of all, pool water passes through a bottom drain or skimmer on its way to the pump. The pump then pushes the water towards a filter to remove impurities and debris. Next, the water passes through various conduits to be heated. Finally, the water is returned to the pool. Elements for keeping water optimal for swimming, such as chlorine dispensers, can be installed at the end of the filtration system to keep water clean for swimmers.

  • Q: How much pool water should pass through my filter every day?
    A: Pool water must pass through your filtration system 2 or 3 times a day in order to insure optimal purity.

  • Q: When I use a Saniclear  system, is it necessary to use chlorine?
    A: The Saniclear  chlorine generator produces chlorine from the salt you add to the water through electrolyze. However, when water temperature is lower than 10°C (50°F), the system is unable to produce chlorine. Additional chlorine may be necessary, although cold water requires less treatment than warm water.

  • Q: What types of pools can support a Saniclear  chlorine generator??
    A: Any kind of pool can work with a chlorine generator. However, pools with steel posts, supports and beams are not recommended because the salt risks to prematurely rust the pool’s structure. Nevertheless, the outside edging of the pool may be steel.

  • Q: When using a Saniclear  chlorine generator, where do I put the pool salt?
    A: The salt must always be added directly to the pool water, never in the skimmer.

  • Q: What type of salt should be used with a Saniclear  chlorine generator?
    A: Pure salt will improve the life and performance of the chlorine generator. Use 99.8% sodium chloride (NaCl). Evaporated, granulated, non-iodized, food-grade salt containing no additives is recommended.